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Interview au sujet de la mésothérapie Apriline et la technologie CHAC


Séance de mésothérapie Apriline par le Dr Pressian Paraskevov à Paris

Utilisant régulièrement des produits de la marque Apriline, j’ai répondu aux questions d’un journaliste de la presse spécialisée dans le domaine de la médecine esthétique et anti-âge au sujet de la mésothérapie et de la technologie CHAC. Mes réponses à cette interview en anglais :

Please describe why you decided to add mesotherapy by Apriline as a treatment modality?

Mesotherapy is a therapy which has existed for a long time, even before fillers and Botox therapy. However, it was forgotten for a while when these more recent treatments came on the aesthetic market 10-15 years ago. Now mesotherapy has its own position/ regained prominence in the aesthetic treatment program. Innovated, evaluated, close to the real needs of skin cells, based on biomedical, bimolecular research. The mesotherapy offered through Apriline is an excellent example of the new generation, new formulation of products, able to supplement or substitute the micro-nutritional process of our skin cells.

What are the benefits (to patients and physician) of adding mesotherapy and the mask to Apriline treatments?

Preparing the skin with one procedure every week for a month prior to any aesthetic treatment considerably increases the overall results. The benefits for patients and the physician can be observed in terms of improvement of the skin’s tonus, elasticity, better microcirculation, and improved healing potential. The patients prepared with a few sessions of Apriline mesotherapy before the invasive or non invasive aesthetic treatments are satisfied with better results and reduced healing time. The Apriline healing mask is very useful when applied directly after the aesthetic procedure: lasers, filler injections, peelings, light devices to reduce pain, reduce swelling and moisturize the treated skin. The action of endorphins is very interesting in this composition and improves patient’s comfort.

What is your understanding of how the CHAC technology works, and its unique benefits?

The challenge for biomedical researchers in the aesthetic mesotherapy industry is to provide a more efficient means of transport for the components that our skin cells need to improve metabolism, providing resistance against the aging process. The CHAC technology uses a complex molecular structure to link the micro-nutritional components of the skin: vitamins, anti-oxidant agents, minerals, growth factors, and amino acids.

How do like to combine Apriline dermal fillers and mesotherapy? How would describe the results?

This spatial molecular structure of hyaluronic acid matrix helps to protect the components, assure their transport through the skin barrier and integrate them inside the metabolic process. Once inside the skin, the complex stimulates cell regeneration mechanism, regenerates cell vitality, restores the skin barrier function and its immune system.

Who is a good candidate for these combination treatments?

I recommend combining Apriline mesotherapy with fillers or laser treatments. My patients have a treatment program and at least once to twice per year they have a full mesotherapy course. Once per week for 4 to 6 sessions. The filler injection is performed after a few sessions of mesotherapy. I explain to my patients that this combination of mesotherapy/dermal filler will improve the results of the treatment in terms of hydration, improvement of skin tonus and elasticity, long term durability of the dermal filler. The skin is restored, moisturized, the tint is uniform, the sebum secretion is regulated, the pores are less dilated.

Please describe patient satisfaction:

There are three Apriline mesotherapy products: Skin line 25+ is used for young skins (25-40-year-old patients), and helps to prevent or treat skin deshydration, fine wrinkles, dryness, sensitive skin, hyper pigmentation. I recommend 4 to 6 sessions, once per week in order to prevent ulterior skin aging.

The Age line is interesting to use for mature skin (45+ year old patients). It helps prevent or treat loss of skin tonus, elasticity, lack or firmness and turgor, ptosis, wrinkles. The results are very convincing: wrinkle reduction, deep skin hydration, improved skin turgor and firmness, improved vascular skin integrity.

And thirdly, Apriline Hair Line, which provides hydration and recovery of a normal healthy microenvironment for hair follicles cells, and improves the keratin building blocks. 

What about biorevitalization? What are the benefits of a biorevitalizant and who is the best candidate for that?

The most obvious sign of patient satisfaction is the fact that patients now, without any prompting, ask me for a few sessions of mesotherapy before their filler or laser treatment. I do not have to explain the clinical and aesthetic benefits of mesotherapy; patients are able to describe for themselves the improved condition of their skin, and increased receptivity for any other aesthetic treatment.

In what ways do the Apriline products differentiate your clinic from competitors?

Biorevitalization or skin-booster injections are another preventive anti-aging and anti-oxydant aesthetic procedure. During this procedure, we use the biochemical and physiological effects of the hyaluronic acid alone or in combination with vitamins, anti-oxydants, and other components to activate cell’s metabolism, to perform fibroblast’s development for increasing cell’s regeneration, to promote collagen and endogen hyaluronic acid synthesis, and to decrease levels of collagenases/elastases.

The Apline biorevitalization product Hydro is interesting for its potential LINING EFFECT: smoothening of the superficial facial tissues, mechanical strengthening of the dermis and hypodermic with a long-lasting effect of lifting and firming soft tissues, wrinkle reduction and balanced face relief.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I am extremely satisfied with Apriline products in terms of security and efficacy with visible clinical effects. The Apriline product line is very competitive because of the ease of use, covering all aesthetic indications and of course competitive in terms of price.

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